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Friday, April 25, 2014

Not Everyone's That Way

Not Everyone’s that Way

As I walked down the street one day,
I saw an elderly lady carrying a bag.
I asked if I could help in any way,
She said no thanks as her shoulders sag.
For help I could tell she was afraid to ask,
I gave her my name – she relaxed a little.
For her to talk to me was a hard task.
She was so nervous, her fingers twiddled.
For her balance I gave her my arm,
But she was so scared she wouldn’t budge.
I asked her why she was alarmed,
As I helped her out of the sludge.
Finally she said, “no one helps without a goal,”
I listened in silence as she spoke,
“You learn a lot when you grow old,”
As emotions made her voice croak.
She said, “You don’t live to my age,
And not see every knock in life.
It’s like a book and it’s page,
for every wrinkle- their was strife,
No one every gives unless they want something in return.
Greedy is the world today.
For I’ve many lessons learned,
I know it’s how it’s going to stay.
For when I’ve asked for help in kind,
It’s what will you do for me.
I think in the back of my mind,
That’s not the way it used to be.
In the past kindness was from the heart,
for food and shelter from those hoping,
to help give others a better start,
That were having trouble coping.
So I’ve learned to do things on my own,
or do without certain needs,
For people have been turned to stone,
On their minds is nothing but greed.
The little old lady had me thinking,
Not everyone’s that way.
So without even blinking,
I gave her the time of day.
“I can’t speak for everyone for I am only me,
And I’ve yet to go where you have tread.
So please accept my generosity as it’s meant to be,
For that is what it is,” to her I said.
She’s suffered from others blindness,
She’s not used to people sharing.
There was no charge for my kindness,
There was only caring.